Faux Fur

by El Campo

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released September 30, 2011



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Texas Is Funny Records San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: Faux Fur
What if I told you I hid a sinister lie
between the back of my head and my eyes?
Is candor real, or implied?

For the record, this record is my lullaby.
And if I sleep like a baby at night is for you to decide.
Track Name: Neath Every Moon
North up the pike, where day turns to night—I waited on you there. There in the gloom, ‘neath every moon, at least a fortnight. Faces in clouds cast on the ground in shady little boughs—on came the rain and hid all the day, and soaked me through. My frown was on the ground, and where were you? Was I in love? Were you? Tell me, Love, I dare you to. I left you behind and made for the heights on the county’s other side, crossed o’er the bridge at old River Ridge, and passed on by. My pride I put behind like I did you. And the sole of every shoe, and every mile I walked without you. The breadth of it grew, and the bitterness too, till I knew I hated you for leaving me there. But you didn’t care that I loved you then. And the coldness in my heart has all consumed a love that ever bloomed, and warmth I only knew for you.
Track Name: A Slip of the Pen
A slip of the pen, when winter blew in and muddled the letters at my hand. I strove to compose—in tormented prose—one missive to send her, one love letter: A plea for forgiveness , and when the wind stayed my hand I’d only just begun to count all the ways regret filled my days, how lying beside her did fan a flame. Like the light on the desk, it danced without rest till smothered by winter—the coldest ever. I’ll trade you the way it is for the way it had been. I’m lonesome, cold and blue. Whatever the ransom is, I would pay every cent my captive heart to loose. But off on the wind the words I had penned flew somewhere forgotten, and ever thence. I never again could conjure them hence, till cold reminiscence took my every hour.
Track Name: Baby's Breath
There’s a patch of sunlight that peeks through on the hillside that once caught your eye—and my likeness inside. But the path we cut that day in the rough is all covered up, like it never was. And the breeze on the air cut a jig in your hair. I remember you there. But the wind couldn’t care. And it spirited you ever distant, and along with it you were gone in an instant. I remember still you alighting there on the farthest hill, in the baby’s breath. What if I told you I hid a sinister lie—that I will carry your love or life? That it ain’t gonna die? Well, I doubt that you’re listening anyway, Love. But I wrote you this record to prove that it ever was. You faded from sight on the distant horizon, and danced in the light as your silhouette died. And with bated breath I watched that hillcrest, but there was only wind in baby’s breath.